About La Bamba NYC

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A few years ago, we discovered the first wetsuit was made by a man, for men. And while there’s nothing wrong with the one-piece wetsuit as it stands today, we thought, what if we could do better? 

We set out to make a wetsuit that accommodates more women’s bodies and quite frankly, their styles too. What we ended up with is “connected separates”: pieces you can mix and match based on your body’s sizes, your style preference, and the temperature of water you’re surfing. 

What it taught us was breaking the rules is a beautiful thing. In our case, that beautiful thing is a wetsuit made for women.

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Surfing isn’t easy. It’s intimidating and takes a long time to get good. We get it. 

But we believe every woman, at any level, deserves to be out in the water taking up space and having a damn good time. 

It’s why we’re starting in New York City, a place you might least expect to find women surfing. But guess what? It’s true. #citygirlssurf  


When we first developed a relationship with surfing, we broadened our awareness. We suddenly became more aware of our bodies, then our minds, then our actions. 

And the more we continue to surf, the more we realize how important it is to protect what we have: the ocean and the people around us. 

We think surfing makes us all better, whether you’re starting your journey or well on your way. So let’s keep braving waves and taking our friends with us.



Each La Bamba NYC wetsuit is eco-friendly and plastic-free. Made from Japanese limestone sourced directly from mountain ranges in Japan, La Bamba is an earth-friendly alternative to petroleum-based neoprene wetsuits. 

So why Japanese limestone? 

Here’s the real science: It turns out limestone has a tighter, uniform cell structure that makes it 99.7% impermeable to water. So what you’re left with is a wetsuit that’s warmer, lighter and more durable than your average mass wetsuit. It’s built to keep you going with less, and for longer. 


Our wetsuits will feel tight upon first wear, but will adapt beautifully and form to your body in the water. 

You should aim for the tightest fit, sizing down whenever possible. Questions about sizing? Just shoot us a note at info@labambanyc.com or DM us on Insta.