Breaking the rules is a beautiful thing.

We first set out to make a better wetsuit for women. We weren’t happy with our options, so we made our own. We questioned things and found joy breaking from convention. When our global realities changed this year, it was an opportunity to take a hard look at ourselves. Were we still proud of what we’d created? Did it still resonate? We knew we wanted to create a business that was a more genuine reflection of our hearts and the times. So in our new vision of the world, we’re here for more dynamism, more raw creativity, and fewer labels. To hell with formulaic. Let’s make what we want and call it what we want. We’re now the products we’re proud to put a price tag on and a brand studio for collaboration and hire. Because breaking the rules is a beautiful thing.

Wetsuits for Women

Wetsuit separates made from a true 2mm cut of eco-friendly, performance Yamamoto limestone. We nixed that nasty oil-based neoprene and removed all plastic zippers. We designed our wetsuits to flatter a woman’s shape while still meeting her technical needs. Mix and match sizes and styles to suit your body and your surf.

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Before wetsuits we wore power suits, cutting our teeth on all things brand. It's what we still do when we take a break from surfing. We’re your nose to the grindstone, dialed-in, type-A New Yorkers, even if we're in California now. We’ve worked with the likes of: Google, Samsung, Maybelline, Sweetgreen, W Hotels, and Kjaer Weis. The list goes on, so come pick our brain. Whether you’re a new brand or an established one, inside or outside the surf category, let’s make some amazing work together. We'll make it feel like we're on holiday.

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