What We're Loving: Early Fall Edition

So ya haven't heard from us in awhile. 

What the hell have we been up to? What are the things that we're loving and inspired by? Read on, friends. The full list below!

EXPANDED: The Podcast

I'm sorry to report, but it's true. We turned into full-blown Californians when you weren't looking. And we've gone full-time woo woo. We're listening to Lacy Phillips's podcast, Expanded, and we've been manifesting. Hard. 


We made it to Paris last August to design and incubate for a month. One of our first stops was to Brancusi's studio, part of the Pompidou's permanent collection, right outside the main museum. While all his art is contained behind glass, you can still feel the energy of his pieces. It stunned us into silence. 


Restless surfers as we are, we made it to the mecca of vintage in the southwest. An incredible warehouse full of floor to ceiling vintage spanning the 1800s to the 90s, Santa Fe Vintage left us breathless. We had the whole place to ourselves and squealed with delight at the endless treasures here. Appointment only.


The pizza in our Ventura County neck of the woods has left something to be desired. Much desired. After a decade in New York, can you reaaallyyy blame us? Recently, Bettina up in Montecito changed all that for us. Mind-blowingly fantastic pizza exists. And it's so close. Thank the high heavens. 


As longtime followers of the store, we died and went to heaven when we saw this vintage collection in person. Talk about curation. The clothes are absolutely stunning and in such fantastic condition. Worth the splurge or just the swoon. 


The album that is currently getting us through our sluggish summer-turning-into-fall days. A bit of a departure from the Disclosure we've come to know, but club bangers nevertheless. 


We're pretty much obsessed with it-girl DJ Louise Chen. And we're avidly listening and following her every move on NTS Radio. So dreamy. SO dreamy. 


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