Welcome to September

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, we made weekly roundups this past Spring. Little samplings of all the things across the internet that kept our spirits way up at the beginning of quarantine. 

And since we all could still use some more of those pick-me-ups, we thought, why not keep on going?


(Image courtesy of fineartamerica.com)

Sunsets in Joshua Tree 

Admittedly, we scoffed at the idea of Joshua Tree for years. Decades, even. To us, it was the kind of place where influencers roam free and unchecked. That may still be true, but damn. Joshua Tree was also calming, healing, and rejuvenating for our weary New York souls.


(Image courtesy of healthline)

Turmeric Detox Tea

There are probably a million variations on this very simple, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying drink. We like ours simple: turmeric, ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper. At bedtime. And forced onto everyone we know and love. 


(Image courtesy of Amazon)

“Cocaine and Surfing” by Chas Smith

It took us awhile before we got around to this 2018 read, but we’re sure glad we did. It’s not often you find a writer in the surf world who has an irreverent, non-hippie dippy peace & love tone of voice. We very much enjoyed this honest, self-deprecating quest for truth in surfing. 


(Image courtesy of Youtube)

Old Youtube Concerts

We really miss going to shows. We really miss seeing our favorite bands roll through New York and seeing them live. We really hope one day we’ll be able to do it again. But until then, I guess we’ve got Youtube. 


(Image courtesy of Surfline)


We haven’t been doing much surfing this year, swell or no swell. Getting out into the ocean has been giving us a bit of anxiety. But we finally made it out to California last month to see friends, to shoot our new wetsuits, and to surf. In one word, it was: lovely. 


(Image courtesy of newyorkupstate.com)

Drive-in Movies 

We heard a whisper about the resurgence of drive-in movies. Immediately, we were ecstatic! We grew up on pizza boxes and drive-in movies in Southern California. And apparently there are a few options upstate? Now all we need is a car… 


(Image courtesy of fashionunited.uk)

Ganni x Levi’s Collab

Two of our favorite brands decided to get together for a circular, capsule rental collection. In what they’re calling “worn by many, owned by none,” each pair of 501s is hand-picked from the Levi’s archives, upcycled, then repurposed into the Ganni touch we know and love. 


(Image courtesy of Bon Appetit)

Natural Wine 

Undeniably, natural wine has been having a major moment. You can’t go anywhere in Brooklyn without some lovely natural wine options on the menu. And with such lovely labels, and funky, unique profiles, we’re all in too.