Don't Worry, We're Still Here

There have been unbelievable delays in a post-Covid production world. And it's been no different when it comes to our wetsuits and neoprene. 

Over this past year, we've dealt with factory shutdowns and a change in manufacturing partners (and countries), which has really tested our patience and dedication to the brand. 

Still, we've been toiling away on our full suit (still in production) in addition to ... drum roll please ... a long jane and jacket. 

Our work-in-progress jacket is inspired by a Korean hanbok, which is a traditional cropped jacket and dress most popularly worn for ceremonies and weddings. In the popular imagination, it's akin to the kimono. 

It will be made from an incredible tier of limestone neoprene with wonderful, buttery stretch which feels super luxurious even in comparison to our wetsuit separates. 

We've still got a long road of prototyping and wear-testing ahead, but don't get down on us. We're still here, committed to making beautiful gear with a different point of view. 

Happy surfing :)