Surf Recess Event Lineup

Winter got you down? 

The start of the year can be a hard time to surf on the East Coast with freezing temps that require boatloads of dedication and discipline. While it’s not impossible and we highly encourage winter wave-catching, we’re throwing a handful of workshops for the rest of us with far less cold-weather gusto. So here you have it: winter workshops for mental, emotional, and physical surf training for the warmer months ahead.


Welcome to La Bamba NYC Surf Recess.

Surf Recess Event Lineup

Keep your eyes peeled to our Instagram for event reminders. Everyone welcome (dudes too)! We’ll have fun tote bags and stickers to give away at each workshop. All proceeds go to support our educators and their craft.

Surf Recess Kick-Off Party

Thursday, February 7th. 6-9pm

Loosie Rouge, 91 S 6th St Brooklyn
Cost: Free

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We’re kicking off Surf Recess with a little party, hosted by yours truly and Loosie Rouge in Williamsburg. Bring your pals and enjoy a special La Bamba x Loosie Rouge cocktail at happy hour prices. We’ll have tote bags and t-shirts to give away and small bites for you to nosh on.


Love Thyself: Breathwork + Sound Bath

Rescheduled for Sunday, March 3rd, 5-7pm
With Nicole Pivirotto of IrisEyris and Kristen Sonntag of Sunday DiamondGrand Street Healing Project, 105 Grand Street, Brooklyn
Cost: $44

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We spend a lot of time focusing on receiving love from others, but what if we switched the focus to receive more love from ourselves? In this Breathwork and Soundbath meditation hosted by Nicole Pivirotto and Kristen Sonntag, we’ll create space to cultivate self-love and compassion.

This special gathering will break through the limiting beliefs that we carry through our lifetimes, especially around self-esteem, worthiness, and the fear of being seen. Using the tools of breath and sound, we'll hold space to heal and release these wounds, and shift our beings into a vibration of true love from within.

Nothing is more profound, or sweeter, than the love that comes to you, from you.
Breathwork is an active mediation that uses a 2-part breathing pattern, which helps clear the body of anything that you’ve been holding inside of yourself that isn’t serving you. The meditation itself is highly cathartic and slightly psychedelic, helping to free the mind in order to expand the heart.

Soundbaths are an orchestration of meditative acoustic vibrations that work energetically and therapeutically. Harmonies and overtones of crystal singing bowls, chimes, gong, and more provide the soundtrack of healing frequencies. The flow of sound is a wonderful complement to support the cathartic energies of breathwork. These soothing vibrations will encourage deep, restorative rest and integration of self-compassion.

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90’s Throwback: Radiohead Yoga

Sunday, February 24th. 5:15 to 6:30pm
With Rima Rabbath of Yoga Souk
Benrubi Gallery, 521 W. 26th St., 2nd Floor  
Cost: $30. Please bring your own mat

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Join us for a yoga class taught by Rima Rabbath, a senior yoga teacher from the Jivamukti Method. Yoga like surfing is about navigating waves. Like the waves of the ocean, the waves of the mind can fluctuate when presented with a challenging pose on the mat. In this class, we will explore grounding ourselves through Warrior poses, we will practice balancing on one leg and one hand through poses named after great sages and we will move with precision to the sound of Radiohead, a band whose sound, like one's practice, is constantly evolving. 

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Saturday Night Skateboarding

Saturday, March 9th. 6pm - Midnight
With Kristen Miller of GrlSwirl
2nd Nature Skatepark, 1 Highland Industrial Park
Cost: $25, Includes shuttle ride and entry fee  
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Imagine going on an awesome night time trip upstate, learning to skate (indoors!) and making awesome new friends. Well, here’s your chance. Kristen Miller of Grlswirl and Nico Klimek of YogaSurfSkate Retreats can teach you everything you need to know about getting on a skateboard so you can shred and train for surf seshes to come.

A shuttle bus will be available from Brooklyn at 6pm and will leave 2nd Nature Skatepark in Peekskill at midnight. Pick-up details forthcoming. Surf Recess swag (which may or may not include some mezcal, wink wink) guaranteed.
We’ll begin with a group introduction and a stretch session. From there, you can decide to stick with Kristen and Nico to learn the basics, or independently skate the park.

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Creative Journaling and Manifesting

Thursday, March 21st. 6:30 to 8:30pm
With Laura Rubin of AllSwell Creative
Loosie Rouge's Cafe, 91 S 6th St. 
Cost: $75
Come join us for a creative journaling workshop! Laura Rubin, founder of AllSwell, will be in town from the West Coast to help us develop (or deepen) a regular journaling practice. Taking cues from the sea, we'll use ocean-themed literature as our jumping off point for putting pen to paper. 
So put down that phone and pick up a pen. Drink a little wine. Come hang out and write with us.
It's good for you, we promise. 
$75 price includes a specially made AllSwell notebook, writing tools, wine, beer, snacks, and a copy of the latest Sea Together Magazine.
Not a writer? No worries. You don't need to have any background in writing whatsoever to enjoy this experience. There's no wrong way to do this.  We hope to see you there! 
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Boarding School: Longboard Technique 101

Saturday, March 23rd. 1 to 3:30pm

With The Surf Institute’s Carla Zamora
Class & Co., 260 Ainslie St., 3rd Floor
Cost: $50
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The Surf Institute’s Carla Zamora has more than 10 years of personal competitive experience. In addition to many years as a competitor, Carla has also spent a number of years working behind the competition scene as a judge, tabulator, beach marshall, organizer, etc. In 2017, Carla gave expert training to the professional longboarders of the Peruvian national team, helping the entire team earn a gold medal in the 2017 Pan American Games. Carla is the current professional surf coach of Brazilian longboard pro Chloe Calmon.


Carla’s TSI workshop will cover the following longboard techniques:

  • Cross-Stepping
  • Noseriding
  • Bottom Turning
  • Dropknee/ Reverse Dropknee
  • Cutting Back
  • Kicking Out
  • Equipment-Squaretail vs Pintail, Fin Placement, The Proper Noserider

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