Welcome to Season 3 of Covid

Eight months into the pandemic, we’ve found ourselves staring out windows wanting to do absolutely nothing. Everything feels heavy and we’ve got tiny little pleasures on speed dial. So enter the latest round-up of what’s keeping us out of survival mode and putting smiles on our faces.

Enjoy :)

Mifland’s Rolltop Rucksack 

When we came across this paint-splattered rucksack, we nearly had a heart attack. In a good way. This brand’s whole line of bags and accessories gives us allllll the feels.

The Series’ Daisy Tank 

Have never been more obsessed with an item of clothing or brand until The Series came into our lives. Created entirely from preexisting crocheted blankets and given a new life here in NYC. These tank tops (and the IG content around them) are ev.er.y.thing! 

Golden Diner NYC

Perhaps our favorite place in New York City right now is Golden Diner. A superb food mashup of all things Korean + Diner + Jewish + LES, this place really speaks to us. The crew is insanely nice and the food is beyond amazing. Don’t walk. Run!

Towel Hats from PICNICWEAR

Pretty much anything terry cloth gives us warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia. Growing up in the era of Juicy Couture, we can’t help it. Anyone else relate? Except these towel bucket hats are actually cool and made right here at home in NYC.


Delightful, whimsical, fruity cakes, we heart you big time. What was life before this IG account? These cakes are joy. Pure pure joy. 


These aren’t snacks, these are crocheted pieces of heaven! Also, are we leaning a little too hard into this crocheted thing? Oops. Anyway, back to Kate Jenkins’ gallery of sardines, bagels and all things delicious to adorn your cardigans or walls. 

Maison Couturier

Because France won’t let us in, the closest thing we have to traveling there is by way of Mexico. And when you get a Mexican-French melange, you can’t stop us from hitting “BOOK” immediatement!

(All images seen above belong to the brands mentioned. Found on their websites and IG accounts.)