Everything We Want to Do, Eat, Surf ASAP

Hey hey heyyyyy! 

We're here. In California. Ventura County to be precise. No, we don't have a store yet. But once we figure out what's what and who's who, we'll put some retail roots down. But for now, here's a list of things we cannot wait to do, eat, see. 

List and links below. All images belong to these fine establishments. 


Tipple and Ramble | Ojai, CA

Ok, so I guess this is more of a "we're thirsty" than a "we're hungry" type of place, but dang. How cute is this outdoor wine bar? 


Bell's | Los Alamos, CA

Ok so look, Bell's is nowhere near us. But we will travel for it. Ex-New Yorker and female chef makes French food. See. you. there. 

Chifa | Los Angeles, CA

Humberto Leon's Cantonese plus Taiwanese plus Peruvian restaurant? Say no more. We're there. 


Ojai Lingerie | Ojai, CA

Owner Malory Taylor sounds like a badass if you ask us. Body positive, a woman of color, and keeping sexy vibes alive in Ojai. 

Midland Shop | Silverlake, CA

This store full of very very California wares is everything we need now that we're here. How long until it takes us to look, act, talk, and feel like we're local? 

Wilder Los Angeles | Los Angeles, CA

It looks like this store is home to all the amazing vintage clothing of our dreams. Denim, old t-shirts, and everything casual to live in pre and post surf. 


Reparations Club | Los Angeles, CA

A divine looking concept bookstore and creative space. Female owned. Black owned. Creative as all hell. 


C Street | Ventura, CA

We've surfed here. And we're not gonna lie, we didn't fall in love. But we're willing to give it another go. In fact, many go's. All the go's. Maybe it's our new spot even. Stay tuned! 

Meditation Mount | Ojai, CA

A sunset sound meditation. Need we say more? We're soooo there.