How are you? No really, how are you? As for us, we're pulling out all the stops coping with Season 3 of Covid. We've also been thinking a lot about women and our right to rage. Whether it's against beauty standards or the status quo, what we really want is to Just Go Fucking Surfing. And lucky for our friends on the West Coast who got a second summer, they're able to do just that. No no, we're not jealous at all ;) 

Surf Report: Rockaway, NY (1-2ft) 
It's freezing, sir. 

But a girl can dream

It's too cold for a La Bamba racer back this time of year, but fear not. We are prototyping a winter full suit. Yes, really! So keep coming back for updates!

In The Studio: Brooklyn, NY (37º)
We've been busy!

Are you our intern?

We've been super busy, plugging into a handful of agencies this winter. We're consulting on all things media, executives, publishing, and vodka. We're on the hunt for an intern, so if you know someone stellar, drop a line.

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