Oh boy. It's been a minute, hasn't it? With so many production delays in 2021, we must admit, we lost a bit of momentum. We kinda thought - fuck it. Maybe we should just stop. But not to fear. We're still here. And to make up for lost time, here's a list of things we're loving lately: in an early Fall edition.  Not seeing what you want? What you like? As always, write to us and let a girl know. xx

Surf Report: C Street, Ventura(2-3ft) 

Try This On

We are prototyping a full suit. Follow along here and on IG for our road test journey.

In CA: It's always summer! 

Are you our intern?

We made it to California. We're still getting our bearings, but we're fantasizing about West Coast collaborations. We're also on the hunt for a paid Social Media Intern, so if you know someone stellar, drop us a line.

Wanna Chat?
Drop us a line anytime at info@labambanyc.com